Custom compositions using a sparse to dense filling of preserved foliage above a flat moss background

100% natural plants & foliages

100% natural
plants & foliages

Our Forest designs give your walls a true wild forest feel while enhancing both the acoustic and visual ambiance. 

Their preservation process let us use all the benefits of real plants for interior design, without any disadvantages.

They require absolutely no maintenance, no watering, no sunlight, nor any pruning whatsoever.

Wide variety of
species & colors available

With this innovative concept of vertical gardens, Greenmood enters a real plant design universe.

Immersed in the heart of a 100% natural exotic atmosphere, you’ll quickly feel their soothing effect. 

Whatever type of business you have, our Forest collection will fit perfectly into your interiors, with a unique and personalized design! 

Wide variety ofspecies & colors available

   Life span & Conditions of use

Preserved foliage is 100% maintenance free: it does not need water, pruning nor sunlight.

It keeps its natural form, color & texture for up to 7 years, but only if used in optimal conditions:

•  Indoor use only

•  Limited direct sunlight exposure (it can handle it, but life span will not be optimal)

•  Avoid touching, folding, crushing etc.

•  Avoid proximity with water sources & heat sources

Forest types

We differentiate two types of filling: Dense & Sparse forest, with the amount of foliage added to the compositions as variable.

Here are some pictures of both types of forests, in order to illustrate the differences between them.

But remember: every composition is unique and custom made, we do not have standard designs limited to those pictures! 
The rest of the customization parameters(color, species, disposition, dynamics, etc.) are always defined during a conversation with the customer:
For example: Colors or only green tones? A voluminous or flat design? A reference picture(s) of the expectations? etc.



Forest projects

New Corner in France
New Corner in France


We brought a wild, natural feeling to this beautiful building situated in Paris, France, covering a huge wall from the floor almost till the ceiling in a composition made of our preserved foliage.

Passage 145 in Baku
Passage 145 in Baku


We redecorated the restaurant Passage 145 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan with our stabilized wild plants and moss to create a unique interior forest feel.

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